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Mozare3 App Features

Features of Mozare3 Application

  • Sell your crops
    Sell your product instantly if it belongs to one of the crops listed in the app. Submit your request through the app and turn your product into profit effortlessly.
  • Contract management, procurement, and payments
    The farm application provides a smooth and efficient agricultural experience, allowing you to easily access all contracts and farm supplies, along with a payment report from the beginning of the contract.
  • Requests for agricultural support
    Overcome challenges with expert consultation!
    Submit agricultural support requests through the application to connect with experienced professionals. Whether it's crop management, pest control, or soil health!
  • Contract for next season's crop.
    Contact us through the app or customer service and contract for a large quantity of winter and summer crops through agricultural contracting with farmers, where you can obtain all the elements of your agricultural project at suitable prices and high quality.
  • The most important agricultural news and tips.
    Stay always updated with our carefully curated content! Get articles covering the latest trends in agriculture, technology, and best practices.
    Enjoy access to exclusive advertisements highlighting innovative products and services.


To download the application
The application is available on the Play Store for Android phones only, or you can visit the Mozare3 website.

Contract farming enables farmers to properly plan their farming, and enables a clearer view of their agricultural supply chain. Through our services, we facilitate their access to financing for their agriculture and their needs of agricultural supplies, consultations, and others.
Hussein Abu Bakr
Founder and Managing Director