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About Us

Mozare3 Application

Mozare3 It is the leading agricultural technology company that works to bring about a radical change in the agricultural sector in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa region by providing financial and non-financial services across the value chain.

Contract farming allows farmers to plan for the future, invest, and obtain financing, while also enabling them to gain a reverse view of their agricultural supply chain.

Mozare3 Services

How We Work?

Mozare3 Vision

Access to the markets

Application Mozare3 is the best choice for food manufacturers, a reliable and stable source that can be traced to meet both local and global standards

Access to financing

Provides Mozare3 offers a wide range of guaranteed financing services, enabling farmers to purchase pesticides, seedlings, fertilizers, and more

Empowering technology

Entered Mozare3 A technological revolution in the agriculture sector by providing comprehensive application for all financial needs of farmers, both agricultural and non-agricultural

Contracted Farms in 2024
Happy Farmer in 2024
Mozare3 Financial Services

Financial partnership offers

Contract with the farms now and benefit from financing partnership offers.
Muzar'a is a leading company in the field of financial agricultural technology, working on developing and empowering the agricultural sector in Egypt and the Middle East region.